Search Lights



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41 J Gy Tgu6 FL AC

Sky Scan 4000 Single Head- per night rental

  • Professional 4000W searchlight
  • Motorized pan: 120 / manual tilt: 40deg;
  • Quad power switches control lamp's intensity (1k, 2k, 3k, or 4k)
  • Silent, hot-restrike ignition
  • Variable mechanical zoom
$350 per week

4k 4 Head Skytracker per night rental

SkyTracker® STX4’s are full motion four-headed searchlights which project four beams of light that can be seen for miles. It moves in an attention-getting “cloverleaf” pattern enabled by its unique bent shaft design. The sweeping beams not only add motion and excitement to an event or lighting effect, but also pinpoint the location of that event or location and attract beam followers.

$750 per week