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Airstar Accent


Our collection of lighted accents are the perfect way to create areas of interest in any event. They can be used as table decorations, pathway markers, perimeter illumination, or in water features. They are powered by internal batteries, so they can be placed anywhere and the RGBW light source makes any color combination possible. Temporary vinyl graphics can be applied to highlight event branding and sponsor logos.

$75 per week

Airstar Balloon Crystal


Airstar’s Crystal Halogen revolutionized traditional event lighting by providing strong functional output in an attractive and decorative shape. It’s dimmer capable and temporary vinyl decals can make make branding and messaging really stand out!

$450 per week
Airstar Crystal RGBW 1536x1536

LED RGBW Airstars 5' Crystals


Priced per day- Airstar’s Crystal RGBW is our most versatile event lighting balloon. Offering full color or bright white output capabilities, it provides specific theming and branding options. This innovative light easily bridges the gap between event lighting and event decor.

$750 per week

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