PeopleCount Solution


PeopleCount Solution


COVID-19 has drastically changed our way of life and has placed new
demands on businesses. Chief among them is the need to socially
distance in places of business. To help Philips is offering a people
counting solution that allows customer occupancy to be regulated at
safe levels, allowing patrons to maintain proper distancing.

The stand-alone solution, situated at a point-of-entry, uses a security
camera to count people crossing a single point-of-entry. The camera
integrates with a traffic light system on an LCD display which is used to
communicate when it’s safe to enter. This means staff are not
required to manage the customer queue, helping to reduce overhead,
while providing a visual prompt that helps customers remain patient.

The solution leverages the power of Philips Android SoC displays,
meaning the added cost and complexity of an external media player is
not required. Setup is simple and it works on a corporate network, or
as a standalone solution. It also allows promotional or safety
messaging to be added to a portion of the display



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