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Martin Glaciator Extreme


The Glaciator X-Stream creates a total, ground fog effect from a self-contained unit. The Glaciator X-Stream utilizes the simple but effective Jem heavy fog fluids and a closed loop refrigeration system for a heavy fog solution.

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Le Maitre Freeze Fog Pro (LSG Machine)


The Freezefog Pro is used in conjunction with a Le Maitre Freezefog enabled smoke machine, such as the G300mkII or G300MkIII, to produce an extremely powerful dry ice effect.

The smoke machine pumps a specially formulated low smoke fluid into the Freezefog unit where it combines with either high or low pressure liquid CO2 from a remote mini tank dewar.

The effect is long lasting and residue free, remaining low lying and very cold. A particularly popular effect with theatrical shows, tours, theme parks, film & TV productions, the Freezefog Pro is ideal for large venues and outdoor use.

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The Polar Controller eliminates the need for CO2, dry ice, or separate fog machines. This refrigerated system can create an incredible 7000 cfm of thick, white, dry, low-ground fog after a short 8 minute warm-up. Just add Cold Tubes and fluid. Cold tubes are now included with the Polar Controller, resulting in a lower, colder fog. With DMX 1 channel fog control on board, it's a breeze to operate. Wheels included. No CO2 required.

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LeMaitre G300 Smoke Machine


The G300 is the most technologically advanced dual purpose machine available.

It combines an extremely high powered smoke generator with a water based hazer.

The operator can select either function, by simply changing the mode on the digital display and the fluid used.

Combined with a Freezefog Pro, the G300 can also produce a spectacular low fog effect

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CITC Aquamax Hazer


CITC has created brand new technology that will allow for 2-hour, long-lasting, water-based, 100% organic haze to be produced in a quiet haze machine named the AquaMax.

The machine never needs cleaning and has built-in fans to spread the "healthiest haze on earth" faster and better than ever before. Best of all, the AquaMax is super conservative on haze fluid. Lastly, the haze produces the smallest particles to date and therefore is extremely dry. Haze residue is a thing of the past. The unit includes timers, remotes, and DMX. The machine also has a low electrical requirement and a very quick heat up time.

  • Healthiest Haze on Earth!
  • 100% Water-based Organic Ingredients
  • Lowest Consumption fluid (4 oz per hour)
  • Long Lasting 2 Hour Hang Time
  • Never Clogs or Needs Rebuilding
  • 1 Channel DMX
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Antari F-7 Smaze


Designed for large venue, the F-7 Smaze machine offers the all-in-one solution for your needs.

With its switchable Fog and Faze mode, the machine is capable produces strong powerful fog or thin layer of haze to fill up the venue in mins.

Equip with our latest air pump technology enabling self-cleaning feature also produce fine dry fog.  The built in adjustable fan allows you to direct the fog easily.

 Versatile control option includes Wireless DMX, DMX and stand alone to meet any control needs. Designed into a road case make this tour ready unit to be transport at ease.


●  All in one Fog + Faze machine, switch  between  fog and faze effect

●  Tour ready rugged design

●  Built-in high velocity fan with adjustable output angle

●  Self cleaning function

●  Built-in Wireless DMX

●  3 channel DMX control (Fog / Faze Mode, volume, Fan volume)

●  Auto sensing frequency

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Aquafog 3000 Dry Ice machine


• Award winning lightweight, portable, dry ice fog machine
• Holds 28 gallons of water and 75 lbs of dry ice
• 120v electrical system with circuit breakers
• Indicator lights for water temperature and heating element status
• Low-water cutout protection
• Adjustable sensing circuit to maintain temperature over extended use periods
• Non-corroding thermoplastic tank features an extra large access lid for easy loading with integral casters for transport

A new concept in dry ice fog, this water-based system is light-weight, portable, and durable, allowing you to create large amounts of billowing, low-lying fog. The AQUAFOG 3300™ features a durable, light weight, molded thermoplastic tank for corrosion resistance. No more rusting steel drums to replace. The large lid lifts for easy loading of the stainless steel ice shelf. All electrical components are conveniently located behind the electrical panel. A powerful stainless steel pump brings heated water from the tank up to the dry ice. A 6" fan pressurizes the tank and sends the fog out to the stage.

The heart of the AQUAFOG 3300™ is the custom designed and molded plastic tank. Plastic is both light weight and corrosion resistant, and many of the plumbing and electrical fittings use pressure seals to ensure extended leak-proof use. The large lid makes it easy to load dry ice into the machine.

The AQUAFOG 3300™ conveniently plugs into standard 15A or 20A Edison wall outlets; no need for 220 volts. Circuit breakers control the dual 1650 watt heating elements, fan and pump. Indicator lights show the status of the water temperature and heating elements at a glance. A low water level cutout switch assures that the heaters will not operate if the water is low. The sophisticated adjustable water temperature circuit will bring the temperature to a range of 100 to 160 degrees (F) and will maintain temperature all through long rehearsals and show runs. The convenient 4-plug system allows for easy remote control.

The large 8" rear wheels and 3 1/2" front swivel casters make moving the AQUAFOG 3300™ a breeze.

Material: High temperature plastic polymer
Dimensions: 21 1/2” x 31” x 38” (including casters)
(546mm x 787mm x 965mm)
Water capacity: 28 gallons (106 litres)
Ice capacity: 75 lbs (34 kg)
Casters: 3 1/2” (88.9mm) swivel front,
8” (203mm) fixed rear
Hose vent: 4” (101.6mm) molded into tank
Fill Door: 20” x 30” (508mm x 762mm)
Weight empty: 115 lbs (52kg)
Shipping weight: 130 lbs (59kg)
Weight fully loaded: 455 lbs (208.19kg)
Pump: Stainless steel 10 gallons per minute (37.85 litres per minute)
Fittings: All stainless, brass, or high temperature plastic
Voltage: 120v, 230v available
Heating elements: 120v 1650 watt; 230v 3000 watt (two) screw in
Thermostat: Adjustable automatic control (100°F-160°F) (38°C-71°C)
Overtemperature: 175°F (79°C) cutout, manual reset
Low water cutout: Turns off heaters when water is low
Blower: 240 CFM axial (6.799 CMM)
Circuit breaker-Type: 20 amp on heating element 2 amp (lighted) on fan & pump
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Rosco Cold Flow


The Rosco Coldflow is an accessory for standard fog machines that converts liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) to dry ice. The dry ice cools a uniquely designed aluminum extrusion that is capable of converting large volumes of fog into dense low lying fog. The unit can create a wide range of low lying fog effects from a continuous layer to a gigantic cloudburst.

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Base Haze Pro


The hazer in 19" size - even more quiet, even
more precisely adjustable

  • DMX serial-production
  • 1500W / 230V/50Hz
  • Integrated timer
  • Amptown flightcase serial-production
  • Low liquid consumption
  • Only 1 min warm-up time
  • Small dimensions
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F-100 Fog Generator


The F-100™ performance fog generator is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the nightclub, theatrical and touring industries. This reliable unit produces any atmosphere – from dense fog to fine mist. The F-100’s pump is acoustically isolated from the chassis, resulting in low noise levels ideal for theatrical and studio work. High End Systems Atmospheres® Fog Generating fluid is specially formulated to provide a dense, safe, water-based fog of a fine particulate size. The F-100 offers multiple control options, including a timer/interval remote, a DMX 512 remote and 0-10 V analog control. At its highest output setting, the unit emits 15-second-long fog blasts and can be adjusted to run continuously for any atmospheric requirement.


  • Large 9.5 liter ( 2.5 gallon) removable fluid reservoir for extended use
  • Available with either the timer remote control or the DMX version
  • LED status indicators
  • Fluid level sight gauge
  • User replaceable fluid filter
  • Thermocouple over-temperature protection


  • DMX or timer remote control
  • Power consumption: 1450W; 120V 14A; 240V 7A
  • Parallel inverted SCR electronic switching

Fluid Types

  • HQ
  • Stage
  • Coldflow
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